Game Master Kit «Angel Chess» English versions


The set is designed for 1 to 6 players.

The game «Angel Chess» is packed in a bamboo case, the ends are made of balsa with laser engraving. The size of the case is 230 x 170 x 55 mm. The total weight of the game is 600 g.

Complete set of the game «Angel CDhess»:

1. Eight playing fields measuring 15cm x 15cm. The structure of each field resembles a chessboard. Each field corresponds to a specific chakra and is colored in the color of that chakra.

Field Angel Chess

2. Six sets of figures determine the maximum number of players in one game (no more than 6 people). Each set contains 8 chess pieces with a round hole for inserting a cardboard circle with the player’s zodiac sign. To increase the number of players up to 11 people, you can purchase 40 spare figures (see below).

figures without zodiac sign

3. Sets of cardboard circles with the signs of the Zodiac. Each zodiac sign is presented in 3 different colors in case three players with the same zodiac sign are playing the game at the same time. In addition, there are two sets for substitutes: a black circle with a white center and a white circle with a black center. A total of 12 (signs of the Zodiac) x 3 types + 2 (signs for substitutes) equals 38 sets.


4. Bamboo curtain for partial covering of 8 Samadhi chakras.


5. Two tetrahedral dices.


6. Twelve registration blanks.


Additional options.

1 / Spare figures (40 pieces) for the game «Angel Chess».
The price is 10 euros.
This allows you to increase the maximum number of simultaneously playing players to 11 people.
or in 5 sachets: