Game «Lila Chakra» english version

The game «Lila chakra» is packed in a bamboo case, the sides are made of balsa with laser engraving of the 7 chakras. The case dimensions 235 x 190 x 34 mm. The total weight of the game is 700 g.
Lila chakra box

Completion Lila chackra

1. The field of the game is assembled from four thick cardboard sheets. The structure of the field resembles a chessboard, permeated with many symbols and numerical codes, on which the construction of our reality is based.

board Lila chakra
Board of the game.

2. 65 cardboard cards with a picture and a figurative metaphor describing the vibration of each playing field on the front side. All cards have stripes of the color of the corresponding row in the game, the color of the corresponding chakra, which allows you to quickly find the desired card during the game.

Here’s an example of the front and back of a card:

Card Lila chakra     Card Lila chakra

3. Book in English 128 pages with a detailed description of the rules of the game, an example of the game, and analysis of the result of the game.

Lila chakra book

4.  There are eight «Disappointment» cards.




5. There are five blanks for recording the trajectory of the symbol and the selected positions for awareness.

Blank Lila Chakra

6. Dice.


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